Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Sims 3 Teenage Boy Joseph Viollet [2010-05-21]

My favourtie teenage sim, evil boy Joseph Viollet ;P

No photoshop effects
Click pic for full size

2 sim files included since there're two different versions of [Joseph]'s nose, see for yourself.

Unrar to x:\.\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\SavedSims\
Please do not reupload my sims on any other sites without my permission, especially not on TS3 Exchange or any paysites, thank you very much:)

Credits & CC
Skin: subaxi_ts3_maleskin_DHV_NR.package
Eyebrows: eyebrow07_subaxi.package
Contacts: Crystal Eyes V6.package
Lipstick: lemon lipstick11.package
Hair: Emo Cut@EA Store
Accessory: Flying Butterfly

If you have difficulties in downloading some of these CCs, try Google *.rar or *.zip as I mentioned above.

Photoshopped picture, now you see the butterfly.

Joseph in game, not photoshopped, more pics here and here


  1. Are you sure he is evil!? =D

  2. Remi, do you have a email where I can contact you?

  3. to aWT: Yes :D, he always does bad things to other sims and quite enjoys himself. Haha
    Oh, I've sent you an email to your hotmail, be free to contact me via email:)