Monday, 1 November 2010

Sims 3 Late Night Stars

I love Late Night soooooo much, especially the light effects in night clubs.
Here I'd like to show you some of my favourite sims' screenshots.
None of them were photoshopped, except my logo of course.
I was playing my two new sims with in798's new default-replacement skin + eyeliner. Download@Netshow
These sims are not available for download, hope you would understand. Thanks.

No photoshop effects
Click pic for full size

My favourite NPCs in Late Night

Hair: Raonjena, Eodsy/oodsregic
Skin&Eyeliner: in798's brand new skin+eyeliner+contacts
Eyebrows: Subaxi, Twilight
Contacts: escand@MTS
Blush: Subaxi
Lipstick: Channyvivin

To be continued (or maybe not)


  1. hi

    Your sims look wonderful. I love late night so much too. I was wondering about in798's brand new skin. Is that till in experiment stages. I click the link and it doesn't load the page.

    Skin looks great.

    Have a good day. Sackgirl

  2. Hi Sackgirl:)

    in798 has improved his/her male skin v2.1 since then.
    If you're able to view the contents in the following link, wait a few seconds until four blue download boxes appear. Click on the 2nd or the 3rd box, which should say 中国电信下载 or 中国网通下载, your download will start shortly.
    If you're not sure which one to click, search the above Chinese sentences on the webpage, it'll lead to the right place, make sure your Internet Explorer supports Chinese display.



  3. I also downloaded the skin from Netshow and it looks awesome! My male sim looks 2x better now! XD

  4. By the way, I also downloaded her female skins too! I can't wait to see her make some body skins for both genders.

  5. Hi

    Thanks for the links. Yeah i sort of guessed and lucky enough i clicked the right boxes. Thanks. Skin does look awesome. I too, can't wait to see if she makes some bodies. Thanks for your help.