Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Sims 3 Male Sim Rome [2010-09-06]

[Rome] was modified from one of my sim [George] who is the son of my other two sims [Yahya] and [Nadia]

Here is a pic of [George]

No photoshop effects
Click pic for full size

Unrar to x:\.\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\SavedSims\
Please do not reupload my sims on any other sites without my permission, especially not on TS3 Exchange or any paysites, thank you very much:)

Credits & CC
Skin: 234jiao-TS3-non-defaultskin(9th).package / 234jiao-TS3-non-defaultskin(9.2).rar
Eyebrows: afm_eyebrow02_in798.package / in798_男女通用眉毛.rar
Contacts: Pure eyes (contacts) small size MALE ONLY.package
Eyeliner: The Sims 3
Lipstick: Moisture Sheer Lipstick_by_Channvivin.package
Hair: The Sims 3 Ambitions
Jacket: DarkoSIMS3_RockStarJacket.package

Thank you :P

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  1. The link is down ! :( Can you upload it again please ? :DD