Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Sims 3 House60x60 HOD2

【房屋】国庆礼物◆◆◆101001 - HOD2◆◆◆九成以上官物

Date: 2010-9-30
Size: 60x60
Require: The Sims 3, World Adventures, Ambitions

1 living room
1 dining room
1 kitchen
2 bedrooms
3 bathrooms
1 basement
1 planting field
1 outdoor party
4 parking places

Click pic for full size

outdoor party & planting field

Due to unknown reason, ceilings turned into black when I swithed to Camera mod, but they work fine in the game.

in-house ceiling

1st floor, groud floor, basement

2nd version - no ceiling

Unrar to x:\.\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Library\

CC & Credits apart from EA Store stuff
Roof (Must have)
【White Trimmed Roofs in Blue】 by tammy trauma@MTS

Curtain (Must have)
【Curtain2Transparente】 by Pilar@SimControl
【Tabo Curtain 2】 by Nanu@TSR
【ASC_2 Tile Roman Blind】 by shakeshaft@TSR

Windows&Doors (Must have)
【Window Colonial 1x1 Open Doulbe Hung】
【Window Colonial 2x1 Tall Doulbe Hung】
【Window Colonial 2x1 Counter Doulbe Hung】 by Mutske@TSR
【The Perfect Window 2x1 Tall】 by Mutske@TSR

【Montecitor Bedroom Stool】 by JS@Vitasims3
【Antique Chair For Harpsichord Rococo】 by D&M/Demonic

【ARCAN Candles LampTable 02】 by Frances@Simsdesignavenue

【Grandis Damask】 by Djehmli@TSR

【Montecitor Bedroom Stool】 by JS@Vitasims3
【Stylist Sims Lille Breads】【Stylist Sims Lille Kettle】 by StylistSims
【AnoeskaB Nottingham Fruitbowl】 by AnoeskaB@TSR
【ASC_Adina Bedroom Jug and Bowl】 by shakeshaft@TSR
【Ironing Borad Standby Mode】 by BlackGarden@TSR
【Antique Harsichord Rococo】 by D&M/Demonic
【Lily Wedding Set Table Decoration】 by Cemre@TSR
【Tabo Candles】 by Nanu@TSR
【African Experience Tea Tray】 by Apple@TSR
【ShinoKCRPlaid】【ShinoKCRPillow】 by ShinoKCR@TSR
【Zapatos Rococo(1)】【Zapatos Rococo(2)】 by D&M/Demonic

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