Saturday, 31 July 2010

Sims 3 Doll of Ducan

No photoshop effects
Click pic for full size

Collection Ducan

Homme Ducan


  1. He really looks like the real Ducan! Great job!

    Hey, I also made a Ducan sim too:

    I think yours is still better, IMO.

  2. To Mastering
    I think yours kinda like the real one! The way he smiles has the feeling of Ducan.
    I guess my one just looks like somebody else :D

    BTW, I like your Steve & Hyun-Ae, they're so gorgeous and unique

  3. Oh... Thanks.. ~'.'~

    My version of Ducan is really wrong. The skin should be darker while mine is pale and also the eyeball should be lower. XD